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System and QA


We are ISO 9001 accredited using BSI accreditation body. Recognised by UKAS as a market leader in the world of supplying many types of certification, based on a number of quality management principles such as continual improvement and a strong customer focus. We are also PS9000 Pharmaceutical accredited manufacturing product using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) also using BSI.

Accreditations ISO 9001 & PS9000

Our fully integrated MIS system gives us instant access to everything from the customer’s specification to a real time planning board. UKAS is the ONLY government-recognised accreditation body for certification in the UK and for public sector tenders.

The EyeC Proofiler

We have made a significant investment in an ultra-fast automated pre-press inspection system which integrates into our current workflow. The system performs a 100% inspection of the first off print sample against the approved proof to highlight and record any defects. Potential problems are detected and corrected earlier on, which in turn reduces wasted material, avoids costly reprints or reworks, and ensures customer satisfaction.

EyeC Proofiler machine being used

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