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Sustainable print solutions

At Reel Label Solutions we’re committed to minimising our own impact on the environment and promoting sustainability in everything we do. We’ve committed to working with an external adviser (Seedling) to conduct a complete, verified carbon footprint – covering our entire operations and supply chain – and putting in place a robust, evidence-backed plan to reduce our emissions over the long-term.

Two cans being held

The three R’s

We will work with you to understand what you want from moving to more sustainable packaging and can draw on expertise from across the industry to help with this.


Downgauging your packaging to use 
less material


More recycled content or renewable bio-based alternatives


Ensuring better recyclability of the 
final product

Innovative systems

Print is an area of constant innovation with new products which are coming to market all the time.
We work with all the main material suppliers to understand their current ranges and also what is being developed and about to hit the marketplace.

Label machine

Papers made with waste fiber from sugar cane processing or with recycled content.

Thinner gauge films to reduce overall usage.

Synthetic materials with recycled content.

Films designs in combination with specific adhesives to maximise the yield in the recycling process.

Synthetic materials using a sustainable bio-based source.


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